The INTERMOB is an international trade fair for the furniture manufacturing industry, which takes place once a year in Istanbul. INTERMOB will be held in 13-17 October, 2018 at the Istanbul, Turkey.

INTERMOB is the world’s biggest event to showcase processing machinery and accessories, components, materials and tools for furniture manufacturing in one place; Wood Processing Machinery (WPM) and INTERMOB connect Eurasia’s lucrative furniture industry in Istanbul over 5 days, every year.

It is one of the most important trade fair of the furniture subsidiary industry in Turkey, INTERMOB offers an extensive range of products such as wood and forestry products, furniture accessories, chemicals, manufacturing tools and equipment and brings together local and international companies that operate in different branches of the industry.

At this event, international exhibitors will present the latest techniques, trends and shapes of the fields of components, accessories, wood products and wood technologies. This exhibition will be held concurrently with the Wood Processing Machinery. In this Fair, More than 842 exhibiting companies and around 75,800 attendees from across the world are expected to attend this event.

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